Internic address allocation policy

Alan B. Clegg abc at
Mon Mar 20 13:24:14 UTC 1995

On Sun, 19 Mar 1995, Karl Denninger wrote:

> My request was for 256 Class "C"s.  We have consumed almost exactly that in
> a year.

I did the same.  With a little drawing and a bit of written proof, I had
no problem in getting the block for Interpath.  Interpath has
not *QUITE* used up the block, but pretty darn close, as Michael and
others can attest... 

I certainly believe that if you are not willing to produce proof [of some
sort], you should not just be given the resources....  Heck, why not a
policy of "proof or pay".  If you are not willing to show that you are
seriously planning to use them, *THEN* you pay for them? 

Sorry to disagree with you on this one, Karl... 8-)

                                              Alan B. Clegg
                                              Information Systems Manager
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