Dave Siegel dsiegel at
Tue Aug 15 18:00:29 UTC 1995

> > Livingstone based product, and do *not* do CIDR.
> > 
> > BTW Any BSD4.4 based *NIX (NetBSD, FreeBSD, etc) *does* do CIDR.
> Another reason why some people are thinking that workstations and generic
> micros sometimes look pretty good as replacements for "real" routers.
> You get software that works, full source code, faster CPUs, and fewer 
> memory limitations.  At a cost low enough to get a "free" spare.  

Let's excuse the fact that gated consumes more memory than a cisco for the
same amount of routes for a second...

Okay, so let's talk functionality.

Are there HSSI PCI cards available?  Can you do SMDS over this card?  Frame?
What about a DS3 ATM card, or higher?  

I know we can do Ethernet, FDDI, sync, and T1 FR, so that's half of it, but
there are still lot's of reason's to buy Cisco gear.

I'm not excusing the possibility of being able to use PC's, but the additional
management issues of having to manage Unix box's in addition to internal
routing policies, and expansion efforts sounds like a headache.  Managing
a network of Cisco's requires a relatively small amount of time, and my staff
and I can concentrate on real problems.


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