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Tue Aug 15 20:22:15 UTC 1995

On Tue, 15 Aug 1995, Dave Siegel wrote:

> Let's excuse the fact that gated consumes more memory than a cisco for the
> same amount of routes for a second...
> Okay, so let's talk functionality.
> Are there HSSI PCI cards available?  Can you do SMDS over this card?  Frame?
> What about a DS3 ATM card, or higher?  
> I know we can do Ethernet, FDDI, sync, and T1 FR, so that's half of it, but
> there are still lot's of reason's to buy Cisco gear.
> I'm not excusing the possibility of being able to use PC's, but the additional
> management issues of having to manage Unix box's in addition to internal
> routing policies, and expansion efforts sounds like a headache.  Managing
> a network of Cisco's requires a relatively small amount of time, and my staff
> and I can concentrate on real problems.

Ok, yes you are correct you can't drop a DS3 into the back of a PC, but 
why not use a 4500 or 7000 for your ds3's and then use a PC to do the 
major BGP4? On a 4500 I only can put in 32 megs or ram. Yes gated will 
use more ram for the same number of routes, but I can put 128 meg or more 
in a PC.

I think we need to talk about using PC route servers and cisco together 
for a solution, the cisco's just can't hold the ram needed.

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