Saving Money Flying to Ann Arbor

prue at ISI.EDU prue at ISI.EDU
Fri May 13 00:23:33 UTC 1994


I was just about to book my tickets from LA to Detroit for the regional techs
meeting when I received the Cisco Networkers 94 brochure.  The Networkers 94
seminar will be held in Chicago.  Because these two events are close to each other
I was able to manage a back to back ticket allowing me to fly to both of these
events and save ~$300 over the price of a single round trip ticket to Detroit.

For those of you a fair distance from Detroit who have not yet booked a ticket
you can save some money with this technique.  You save lots of money if you stay
over a Saturday night.  I couldn't on my trip to Ann Arbor so I am doing this:

Fly LA to Detroit June 1.  Fly back to LA July 1 from Chicago.  This is one ticket.
Fly Detroit to LA June 3.  Fly back to Chicago June 28.  This is the second ticket.

My Ann Arbor trip uses the first leg of each of the two tickets.  The trip to 
Chicago uses the second half of the two tickets.

See you there.


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