DeathFest '94 - Splatball Invite

Bill Norton wbn at
Wed May 18 16:15:25 UTC 1994

		Splat Ball Retreat (Hell Survivors)
	  Sunday June 5th 9AM-12PM (Morning Session)

Well, we have picked a date for the splat ball war game, and about 10 or so
UM folks have expressed interest.  If you know anyone that would like to join,
send me e-mail.  The more the merrier, and it will be more fun if we have a 
team of people who all know each other.   It turns out to coincide with the
Regional Techs Meeting, so some folks from out of town may want to play as

In case you haven't played before, splat ball at Hell Survivors is a kind of
war game; akin to capture the flag.  You are on a playing field 
consisting of foxholes, hills, forests, swamps, mock buildings, bunkers, etc.
You and your team try to capture the other teams flag.

There are anywhere from 20 to 100 other folks playing the field, ranging from
first timers and novices (like myself), to rambo-wannabees and rambo teams
that own team shantees at the site.  Most of the serious war gamers have
their own guns, wear fatigues and boots, and often have high-tech goodies
like helmet-mounted walkie talkies.

There are typically a handful of 20-30 minute games.  Once you are shot, you
have to put the flag in your gun, and walk off the field to "the dead zone".
The first 10 or so people off the field are reincarnated as "renegades" with
no allegiance, and they get to just shoot everyone.

I'll send updated information as the 5th approaches.  The plan at this point
is to meet at the parking structure next to Public Safety around 7:30AM.
We'll group up and take as few cars as needed to Hell Survivor's in Pinckney.  
At that point, we will register, rent guns, face shields and buy rounds of 
ammo, etc. by 9AM.  The cost will be approximately:

Registration $10
Gun Rental   $10 (PumpGun) $15 (Semiautomatic) $20 (Automatic)
Ammo         $20 ? (high number - depends on quantity purchased)
- ----------------
Total        $40 They take Mastercard and Visa

In case you never played before, you will want to wear long sleeves and pants 
(preferably fatigues as you will be less likely to be seen and shot!),
and bring a bandana to wrap around your head and to cover your ears.

Hell Survivors will provide full face masks with the gun rental. And yes,
they are necessary and indeed required.  You will be thrown off the course 
if you take you mask off for even a minute.  And trust me, you do not know 
when you are going to be shot at, or when you are going to be hit. And these
balls are flying fast too!

The first session will be over around 12PM, and I imagine folks will want to 
stop on the way home for something to eat so bring some bucks for lunch. 

- --------
We need to meet at the Church street parking structure on Sunday around 07:30 
so we can arrange car pooling.  We will convoy up to Pinckney at 8:00 AM sharp. 
If you arrive *after* 8:00 follow these directions:

1) take US23 up to the Pinckney (exit 54) (McDonald's will be on the left)
2) Head West into Pinckney on M36 12 miles
3) Turn right onto D19 (Marathon Station, Splatz Splatball Store)
4) Drive 1/4 mile to entrance

They also rent paint grenades,smoke grenades, and paint bazookas!

You must bring photo ID.

Know anyone else that wants to join "Deathfest '94"?  Have them send me 
e-mail and I'll add them to the list and send them this and updated info.

- -------
When you get hit with these paint balls, they may hurt or even leave a
welt mark depending on how close you are shot.  These paintballs are
travelling at 200 feet per second!  I am not bringing this up to scare you,
but rather inform you all that this is a war game simulation, and I have come
back with welts each of the two times I have played.  It is still lots of
fun, and a very memorable experience, but if you are averse to being shot,
this may not be for you.  Everyone gets shot, and novices are usually shot
within the first 10 minutes.

Out-of-town Splaters
- --------------------
If you are coming in from out of town and are interested in participating in
this war game, send me e-mail.  You will need to take care of transportation
yourself.  Hopefully, there will be enough cars at each hotel that you
can work out the travel logistics over e-mail with each other.  Any
volunteers to coordinate this?

Send me e-mail on or before May 30th if you are interested.

wbn at

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