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   >From another list...

   given that a BSD/386 or NetBSD system can be put together quite cheaply and
   does a fine job at handling PPP and SLIP and multiple ethernets, this seems
   like a fine alternative to dedicated routers like Cisco for T1/E1-speed
   internet gateways.  especially considering the power of GateD 3.5, and that
   a 16MB cisco can't handle a "full internet route table" while a 16MB i486
   machine can do it easily.

   Comments from the gated crowd?  The cisco crowd?

I would have to wonder about the forwarding performance of 16MB i486
BSD machine acting as a router.  Also I am not sure what a full
internet route table should be, but a well-architected 16MB turnkey
router should be able to support a route table of well over 100,000

   Bill Manning 

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