Proposed Agenda Topics

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Fri Jan 7 22:32:27 UTC 1994

Here are some of the proposed topics for the regional techs
meeting on Jan31 and Feb 1.  The reason some of these topics
are just proposed is that we are waiting to hear from some of
the individuals who have been invited to introduce these topics.

1.	Status of BGP/CIDR deployment
2.	IDRP Development (Sue Hares)
3.	Status of MAE-East and Possible Upgrades
4.	COREN Plans (Scott Bradner)
6.	Registering Aggregates (Daniel Karrenberg/Elise Gerich)
7.	D-GIX Plans and Status
8.	Network Traffic Analysis (Hans-Werner Braun/Kim Claffey)

Please RSVP to nsf-seminar at if you plan to attend the meeting.
We do have to order lunches, you know :-)

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