Proposed Agenda Topics

Mark Knopper mak
Fri Jan 14 03:15:50 UTC 1994

  May I suggest that we add to the agenda the topic of broadening
the scope of the group to form the NA-NOG, and the charter for
the resulting organization? Word has it that Bob Aiken will be
joining the meeting on Monday afternoon, so perhaps that would
be a good time to talk about this?
	Ameritech Advanced Data Services
	(new e-mail address coming soon....)

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> Here are some of the proposed topics for the regional techs
> meeting on Jan31 and Feb 1.  The reason some of these topics
> are just proposed is that we are waiting to hear from some of
> the individuals who have been invited to introduce these topics.
> 1.	Status of BGP/CIDR deployment
> 2.	IDRP Development (Sue Hares)
> 3.	Status of MAE-East and Possible Upgrades
> 4.	COREN Plans (Scott Bradner)
> 6.	Registering Aggregates (Daniel Karrenberg/Elise Gerich)
> 7.	D-GIX Plans and Status
> 8.	Network Traffic Analysis (Hans-Werner Braun/Kim Claffey)
> Please RSVP to nsf-seminar at if you plan to attend the meeting.
> We do have to order lunches, you know :-)
>        --Elise

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