Title : A Visualization Study of Network Growth and Traffic from

Donna Cox cox at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 11 02:14:47 UTC 1994

Unfortunately, we are going to have to ask for an extension to project.  We
developed most of the project and the funding came very late.  By the time
we were ready to update it, we were bogged down with other committments.

What is worse is that my co-PI has just taken another position at
Industrial Light and Magic (same people that made Jurasic Park) to work on
"Casper the Friendly Ghost".  He and I are dedicated to completing this
work, so he is staying on 10% with NCSA to work on Networking.

Unfortunately, he has taken all data on a SGI with him and is currently
moving to San Francisco.  The movers will not have his stuff in place for
weeks as he is finding a place to live there.

Ah, the ironies of life!

Please be patient, we will finish the project...we are so close, but new
data keeps coming and the network is growing exponentially.

>I observed the following and thought you would be interested in it.
>>Date: Fri, 7 Jan 1994 13:02:24 -0500 (EST)
>>From: Allen Robel <allen at stone.ucs.indiana.edu>
>>Subject: Title : A Visualization Study of Network Growth and Traffic from 
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>>Does anyone have any information about results from the NSF award included
>>below?  Contact info is included but I thought it might be easier to ask
>>here.  The results, if published, might interest some of you.  Hence,
>>posting to this forum.  Sorry if this is inappropriate. 
>>Thanks in advance.
>>Allen Robel                        Internet: robelr at indiana.edu              
>>Network Engineer                   voice:    (812)855-0962                   
>>Indiana University                 FAX:      (812)855-8299                   
>>------Begin included message------
>>Title       : A Visualization Study of Network Growth and Traffic from
>>              1986 to 1992
>>Type        : Award
>>NSF Org     : NCR
>>Date        : June 18,  1993
>>File        : a9222690
>>Award Number: 9222690
>>Award Instr.: Standard Grant
>>Prgm Manager: Priscilla Jane Huston
>>Start Date  : June 15,  1993
>>Expires     : May 31,  1993
>>Total Amt.  : $39,838
>>Investigator: Donna   Cox
>>Sponsor     : U of Ill Urbana-Champaign
>>              801 South Wright Street
>>              Urbana, IL  61801                           217/333-1000
>>NSF Program : 4090     NSFNET
>>Fld Science : 31       Computer Science & Engineering
>>Fld Applictn: 0206000  Telecommunications
>>Abstract    :
>>          The NSFNET infrastructure has expanded at an exponential rate
>>     and has precipitated the need to evaluate trends that impact future
>>     network development.  High performance computing and advanced 3-
>>     dimensional graphics environment coupled with new media
>>     technologies provides an expanded visual domain to represent and
>>     study complex network topology and data.
>>     This project will organize, aggregate, reduce, and investigate
>>     large network databases while considering a design criteria that
>>     can be applied to a more diverse set of information flow problems.
>>     This study is a major step in the development, visualization, and
>>     investigation of network data archives and can reveal communication
>>     trends in the nsfnet and its components.  The archiving and
>>     distribution of this investigation will provide a valuable national
>>     resource and has the potential of becoming a general purpose
>>     visualization tool for network analysis.
>Priscilla Jane Huston, phuston at nsf.gov or pjh at rice.edu
>NSF/CISE/NCRI  (IPA from Rice University)
>Program Director for NSFNET Program   
>National Science Foundation   Voice:    (703) 306-1949
>4201 Wilson Blvd              Fax:      (703) 306-0621
>Arlington, VA 22230           Internet: phuston at nsf.gov or pjh at rice.edu

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