this week's CIDR progress report

Jessica Yu jyy at
Fri Apr 22 22:18:36 UTC 1994

Got a list of routes which are not in the NSFnet table but some other places.
Spot that one incident that the aggregate is advertised to both routing
tables, but there are few specific routes within the aggregate has been 
advertised to the NSFNET.  So in terms of connectivity, both can reach all the
specific routes destination, but the path would be different.  However, that
cause the difference in size of the routing table.  This is just the one I
happen to see but there could be more such cases.  This indicates 
reason #1 in my previous message.  I also saw a lot of routes in the diff list 
looks like testnets but not quite sure.  I  do not have time to do more poking
today, I will do it on Monday.


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