this week's CIDR progress report

Jessica Yu jyy at
Fri Apr 22 21:18:12 UTC 1994


> 04/22/94            18596   

AlterNet is currently seeing 19583 routes - looks like ANS is seeing
about 1K fewer routes.  Interesting data point.  Not quite sure what it

        The following things may contribute to the table size difference:

        1. ASs may sent aggregates to NSF/ANSnet and withdrawn more specific
        routes from it while still sending more specific routes to other
        neighbors.  So the route reduced in the NSFNET but not other places.

        This is interesting to verify.

        2. There are routes has not made it to NSFnet yet. e.g.  routes
        advertised to CIX usually has a delay to make it to ANSNET.

        3. Also, the number 18596 was as of 11:00 am this morning as I indicated
        in my previous message.  The routing table may grow by the time you
        gathered your data.  Friday is configuration morning, this behavior
        is not unusually.

> The following ASs have withdrawn more specific routes from the
> NSFNET/ANSNet routing table during this period of time:
> 701   AlterNet                        112

I think that you really mean that the following peers of NSFNET/ANSnet
(& all of the ASs behind them) have withdrawn more specific routes.


If you could identify the home-ASs of the withdrawn nets, that would
probably be more helpful & more accurate.

        Actually, I still like to mention NSF/ANSNet neighbor ASs who
        withdrawn routes because if they do not do CIDR, AS690 would
        not be able to see aggregates from the ASs behind those ASs.
        So it is important that a transit AS do CIDR and got recognized.
	I will try to do home-AS in addition.

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