Searchable archives of the list?

Edward McNair emcnair at
Thu Mar 23 14:05:28 UTC 2023

The easiest way to search the archives is the use our discourse archive of the mailing list at You will need to create a free account at to log in to the Community site. Please note that the mailing list mirror is read-only, but it's easily searchable and has a great user interface.

Edward McNair
NANOG Executive Director

> On Mar 23, 2023, at 6:58 AM, Joel M Snyder <Joel.Snyder at> wrote:
> This seems an absurd question but … “where are the searchable archives of this list?”  I have found an innumerable set of archives and copies of archives broken into months, but I cannot find a way to search the content of the list archive (short of downloading the archives and grepping from there). 
> Is there a searchable archive someplace maintained by nanog?  And if so… how about updating the nanog web pages about this list with a pointer? 
> And finally, the question I was searching to avoid asking on the list: does anyone have any experience, good or bad, with leasing out unused IPv4 space through ipway?
> Thanks, 
> jms
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> Joel M Snyder - Opus One - jms at Opus1.COM
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