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Clayton Zekelman clayton at MNSi.Net
Fri Feb 3 01:17:14 UTC 2023

It may.  We don't use it.  Too many freeze/thaw 
cycles each winter around here.  It would get destroyed in a few years.

Google tried to cheap out in Louisville... didn't 
quite work out 
- although that was even more sketchy than traditional microtrenching.

As for rural, the business case becomes even more 
difficult when you're measuring kilometers per 
home passed instead of homes passed per kilometer...

At 07:58 PM 02/02/2023, Kevin Shymkiw wrote:
>Did you leverage things like micro trenching for 
>this project?  I may be mislead, but I thought 
>micro trenching these days has helped drive the 
>cost of doing this down fairly significantly.
>On Thu, Feb 2, 2023 at 17:56 Clayton Zekelman 
><<mailto:clayton at mnsi.net>clayton at mnsi.net> wrote:
>The cost is not low.  Trust me on that.  I've 
>been involved in a pretty massive suburban fibre 
>deployment for the past decade... I expect we'll 
>make money sometime in the 2030's... in time for me to retire.
>At 12:13 PM 02/02/2023, Forrest Christian (List Account) wrote:
>>The cost to build physical layer in much of the 
>>suburban and somewhat rural US is low enough 
>>anymore that lots of smaller, independent, ISPs 
>>are overbuilding the incumbent with fiber and 
>>taking a big chunk of their customer base 
>>because they are local and care.  And making money while doing it.Â


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