Free-ish Linux Netflow collector/analyser options

Joe Loiacono jloiacon at
Mon May 16 19:09:33 UTC 2022

Try FlowViewer (analyzing, graphing, tending software) + SiLK (robust, 
high-performance capture software from Carnegie-Mellon).

Pretty full netflow analysis package; free.



On 5/16/2022 2:34 PM, Matthew Crocker wrote:
> I’m looking for a free-ish Linux open sources Netflow 
> collector/analyser.  I have 5 Juniper MX routers that will send IPFIX 
> flows to for an ISP network.    I’m hoping it is something I can run 
> in AWS/EC2 as I don’t want to worry about storage again in my 
> lifetime.  Does anyone have any recommendations?
> For reporting I would like to generate basic  usage reports to/from 
> IP/Subnet/ASN.  It would be great if it could also detect DDoS and 
> activate flowspec back into my core routers but that isn’t a requirement
> Thanks
> -Matt
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