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> *10 Do's + Don'ts for Visiting Québec*
> *NANOG 85 Meeting Will Take Place Jun. 6 - 8 in Montréal*
> We are delighted to cross international borders in our mission to grow,
> inspire + profoundly build the Internet of tomorrow!
> Montréal is Canada's second-largest city and is known for its melting pot
> of diverse culture, established universities, enthralling art, food,
> history + festivals. It has been called one of the world's "happiest
> locations" as an estimated 45,000 immigrants relocate to the city every
> year.
> For those who don't call Québec home, we have prepared a list of cultural
> "Do's and Don'ts" to help you quickly acclimate + thrive in this foreign
> destination.
> *READ MORE  <ébec/>*
>  I have lived ten minutes from Quebec and two hours from Montreal for a
long time, I have never encountered either item 1 or item 2. Of course,
there might be a place that won't take a credit card, but your credit card
company will charge you a fee and be happy to use a terrible exchange rate
as will restaurants if you pay in US cash.

Consider getting cash from your bank account at an ATM at a bank once you
land although there are fees there as well. If you are a TD bank customer,
TD is a Canadian Bank and that will eliminate a fee.

As for culture, smoked meat, bagels (they are different) and poutine should
be on this list.
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