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I think I have actually heard « tire-toi une bûche » before!  But it was as a child, visiting our annual Fête du Voyageur historical re-enactment, and certainly not in any normal day-to-day setting.
I’m just happy that an American author (who quite likely has never been to Montreal), writing for an overwhelmingly-American audience, recognized that we have separate cultures in the first place.

Meanwhile, one thing I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere yet is ArriveCAN[1] and/or eTAs[2].
If you’re trying to enter Canada right now you must use the ArriveCAN system before you get to the border, or you’ll likely be denied entry.  That means doing it before you get on the plane, not after you land.
Anyone entering Canada using a Canadian or American passport should not need an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization, sort of an e-visa), but pretty much everyone else does (e.g. passports from Mexico or anywhere in the Caribbean, in this case).

Absolutely check this out for yourself, links are below, I am not guaranteeing in any way the accuracy, nor the durability, of what I’ve written here.

[1] COVID-19: Use ArriveCAN to enter Canada -<>
[2] Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) -<>
General info: Visit Canada -<>
Official landing page: Welcome / Bienvenue | Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada / Affaires Étrangères, Commerce et Développement Canada (<>

I already wrote all of this up for a conference based in Ottawa, that sees a large qty. of int’l visitors from around the world: BSDCan 2022 - Travel<>  Travelers from the US generally don’t have the kind of issues at customs I’ve described there.


P.S. ArriveCAN is a pain to Canadians, too, I can’t just pop across the border for shopping trips whenever I want any more without planning for it in advance.  Yeah, I know, first-world problems…

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10 Do's + Don'ts for Visiting Québec
NANOG 85 Meeting Will Take Place Jun. 6 - 8 in Montréal

We are delighted to cross international borders in our mission to grow, inspire + profoundly build the Internet of tomorrow!

Montréal is Canada's second-largest city and is known for its melting pot of diverse culture, established universities, enthralling art, food, history + festivals. It has been called one of the world's "happiest locations" as an estimated 45,000 immigrants relocate to the city every year.

For those who don't call Québec home, we have prepared a list of cultural "Do's and Don'ts" to help you quickly acclimate + thrive in this foreign destination.

READ MORE <ébec/>

 I have lived ten minutes from Quebec and two hours from Montreal for a long time, I have never encountered either item 1 or item 2. Of course, there might be a place that won't take a credit card, but your credit card company will charge you a fee and be happy to use a terrible exchange rate as will restaurants if you pay in US cash.

Consider getting cash from your bank account at an ATM at a bank once you land although there are fees there as well. If you are a TD bank customer, TD is a Canadian Bank and that will eliminate a fee.

As for culture, smoked meat, bagels (they are different) and poutine should be on this list.

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