Announcement of Experiments

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Mon May 2 14:33:12 UTC 2022


> > If I am interpreting this correctly that you are just going to yolo a
> > bunch of random ASNs to poison paths with, perhaps you should consider
> > getting explicit permission for the ASNs you want to use instead. 
> >
> > A lot of operators monitor the DFZ for prefixes with their ASN in the
> > path, and wouldn't appreciate random support tickets because their NOC
> > got some alert. :) 

> Exatly that. How about you ask people to OPT-IN instead of you wanting
> people to OPT-OUT of whatever experiment you feel you need to do with
> other people's resources.

> When you the last time you asked the entire internet?s  permission to announce routes ?

I dont exactly understand what you try to say its not about the route its 
about the path.

If the insert 'my ASN' i certainly will complain wherever i can and no i 
will not opt out from that. I will assume they just do use my ASN. Weird 

Bye, Raymond

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