V6 still not supported

John Kristoff jtk at dataplane.org
Wed Mar 30 17:21:36 UTC 2022

On Wed, 30 Mar 2022 18:36:24 +0200
Jared Brown <nanog-isp at mail.com> wrote:

>   IPv4 address blocks have a fixed one-time cost, not an ongoing
> $X/month cost.

From an RIR perhaps, but when demand changes for your available pool,
what happens downstream?

When you rent servers from providers, unless you bring your
own address space, the invoice includes the cost of one or more IPv4
addresses, often with the option to rent additional IPv4 addresses on a
per month basis.  Just this week I received notice of a $2/VM
price increase from one provider.  They stated "demand for IP
address has caused a shortage and increased prices".


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