V6 still not supported

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Mar 31 20:53:26 UTC 2022

> On Mar 30, 2022, at 10:09 , Jared Brown <nanog-isp at mail.com> wrote:
> Randy Carpenter wrote:
>>>>>>>> Owen DeLong via NANOG wrote:
>>>>>>>> When your ISP starts charging $X/Month for legacy protocol support
>>>>>>> Out of interest, how would this come about?
>>>>>> ISPs are facing ever growing costs to continue providing IPv4 services.
>>>>> Could you please be more specific about which costs you are referring to?
>>>>> It's not like IP transit providers care if they deliver IPv4 or IPv6 bits to
>>>>> you.
>>>> Have you priced blocks of IPv4 addresses lately?
>>> IPv4 address blocks have a fixed one-time cost, not an ongoing $X/month cost.
>>> - Jared
>> How, exactly, would you propose a company recoup the cost?
>  There are many options, depending on the commercial relationship between ISP and customer.
>  The ISP may simply charge a single one-time fee per IPv4.
>  The customer may choose to bring their own IPv4 blocks as many BGP customers do.
>  The ISP may chose not to charge separately per IPv4, as having those IPs enables them to charge $Y/month for Internet service.
>  And so on and so forth.
>  Furthermore IPv4 addresses do not wear out. IPs can be reused upon customer churn and excess blocks can be sold, if need be.
> - Jared

A growing number of providers are charging $x/IPv4 address/month as a way to recoup that cost.

I expect that trend will continue.

While it may (MAY[1]) be a one-time fixed costs to the provider, it’s not likely to stay that way for the customers going forward.


[1] Modulo RIR fees and the possibility that due to capital constraints, said ISP may have chosen to lease addresses rather than purchase them.

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