V6 still not supported

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Mar 22 16:21:55 UTC 2022

> But I was unclear, not asking about v4 vs. v6, but about caring for /
> contributing to evolution of network protocols, or not.
> Some evolution has happened in the IPv6 world, more could happen, so
> it gets better. Or throw the baby?

maybe you're talking to the wrong guy.  i gave a lot of blood getting
dren like tla, nla, ... removed.  and in the final week was told by the
ietf v6 wg chair that operators did not know what a logarithm was.  iij
deployed v6 on our backbone in 1997.  oh, and i have the tee shirt and
the coffee cup.

and ipv6 is still a massive pain, and our bean counters, $diety bless
'em, did not like what ipv6 deployment cost us.

we are all road kill  (a bad pun iff you were there)


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