V6 still not supported

Joe Maimon jmaimon at jmaimon.com
Tue Mar 22 15:53:55 UTC 2022

Pascal Thubert (pthubert) via NANOG wrote:
> Hi:
> IPv4 is 40 years  old. IPv6 is 25 years old. In Internet time, both are old timers.

25 years to not achieve global domination opens the door to become 
obsoleted before it does. Pretty sure that would be more bad than good.

> The rest of the world will follow the evolution because there's not enough IPv4 for Africa or Asia anyway. I see the analogy with the industrial revolution, England stuck to coal and steam when the world that had nothing moved on.

Some weight to lend to your theory would be if Africa and Asia IPv6 
numbers are outpacing everywhere else. Google numbers suggest that is 
not at all the case, with the notable exception of Saudia Arabia and 
India and even Gabon.

Perhaps you have better or different numbers. We could use some good news.

> Which side are you on?
> Pascal

The "side" thing is the problem here. The objective is a stable and 
maximally usable internet, both now and in the future.


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