Making Use of 240/4 NetBlock Re: 202203210957.AYC

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Mon Mar 21 19:36:53 UTC 2022

Dear John:

1)    "  ... everyone, said it's a foolish idea ... ":     Oh, 
"everyone", really? Are you sure? Please name a couple who expressed 
their judgments based on */facts/*. Otherwise, you may be fooling 
everyone with rumors to perpetuate a myth.

2)    By the way, through constructive criticism, we learned to 
characterize our EzIP as an */overlay/* network. With this very concise 
definition, EzIP is now ready to face real bullets. You may want to 
follow discussions about our work more closely.


Abe (2022-03-21 15:36)

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It appears that Abraham Y. Chen<aychen at>  said:

> ??? C.??? Recently, we were made aware of the Int-Area activities.
> Attempts to reach the Group Chairs have not received any responses.
> ??? D.??? I just received an Int-Area Digest Vol 199, Issue 14
> requesting IETF to reactivate the IPv4 support.

For people who don't follow the IETF lists, here's a summary of
the responses.  Mr. Chen thought it was a good idea, everyone
else, and I mean everyone, said it's a foolish idea and not
worth pursuing.



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