Telus contact re: VPN services (ESP, SSL) impacted, Vancouver -> Las Vegas

Hugo Slabbert hslabbert at
Mon Mar 21 21:58:37 UTC 2022

Hi folks,

Could someone from Telus (852) reach out, please?  We're seeing a chunk of
users on Telus home connections around the Vancouver, BC, area (Lower
Mainland) struggling with RTT and some chunks of loss on VPN connections
endpoints through gateways in Las Vegas as of ~2022-03-17.

Outer path to the tunnel gateway is fine at <60 ms with low jitter and
without loss.  Tunneled traffic (predominantly ESP, but some users on SSL
wrapped at times) shoots up to 130+ ms or above 200, with high variability
and chunks of loss.  Traceroutes from the users show outer traffic handing
off to Zayo in Vancouver and across Akamai in Seattle before coming to us
in Vegas.  Users on other providers are unaffected.

I'm reaching in case there are some shenanigans with ESP or SSL-wrapped
traffic being futzed with somehow before being handed to us.

Gateway endpoint is v4 only at, and is advertised out from
60229 to Akamai/Prolexic (32787).

Hugo Slabbert
Network Engineer
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