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Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Mon Mar 21 17:57:27 UTC 2022

On 3/21/22 10:21 AM, Abraham Y. Chen wrote:
> 1)    " so it's not a chore to tell what thread you're even replying 
> to?   ":    I am lost by your statement.

Abe, all of your replies that I've seen in the past few days have been 
brand new threads (or possibly replies to yourself).

None of your replies have been properly threaded by my email client. 
This is in contrast to almost all of the other messages that I see on 
the NANOG mailing list, which do thread properly.

> I start each of my reply by quoting a phrase or sentence of the message 
> that I am responding to. To be sure the original message in included, 
> I copy the last message following what I am writing. I also prefix 
> it with the forum message tag such as in this case "NANOG Digest, 
> Vol 170, Issue 20 Message: 33 ".

I'm now speculating that you are subscribed to the "digest" version of 
the mailing list instead of receiving individual messages.

Glancing at the headers, it appears as if NANOG is hosted on a Mailman 
mailing list.  As such, I believe that you could change your 
subscription to use MIME formatted digest, which should include more 
proper RFC-822 copies of the messages.  I believe that you could then 
reply to these individual messages directly and match the threading that 
I mentioned above.

The problem with digests is that they are brand new messages / threads. 
So replies to message text therein replies to a message that most of us 
don't receive (the digest message).

> This should be enough for anyone to follow in the latest exchange, 
> as well as tracing it back in history from the NANOG Digest, if 
> interested.  Anything more could I do to ease your efforts without 
> beginning to create a long tail to a thread?

Prior to the message that I'm replying to, I was not aware that you were 
replying to the digest.

Those of us that receive individual messages as opposed to the digest 
don't have any visibility into the digest volume number, issue number, 
nor message number.  For all intents and purposes it might as well be 
the "the 4th message that passed my spam filter after my last payday".

As for the copy of the message that you're including, I wasn't aware you 
were even doing that because you appear to be top posting and I wasn't 
seeing anything below your signature.

I'd encourage you to look at the MIME formatted digest where you can 
reply to copies of the original messages and maintain threading.  Also, 
please consider not top posting.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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