V6 still not supported (was Re: CC: s to Non List Members, (was Re: 202203080924.AYC Re: 202203071610.AYC Re: Making Use of 240/4, NetBlock))

Joe Maimon jmaimon at jmaimon.com
Fri Mar 11 16:39:37 UTC 2022

Ca By wrote:
> Google’s number represents how many users reach it over ipv6. Given 
> Google’s ubiquity in the usa, it is a fair barometer for the usa at 
> large.

Given google's popularity on handheld platforms, the users of which tend 
to be much less sensitive to IPv4 translation mechanisms and have a much 
higher penetration of native v6, I would restate that a bit more 
conservatively as

Google's statistics are likely a fair barometer for USA usage in the 
large content provider arena which have a strong mobile representation.

> Reading anecdotal Nanog mails from a handful of folks concluding ipv6 
> has failed will not leave the passive impartial observer with an 
> accurate view.

Its incontrovertible that IPv6 has racked up a long list of failures in 
its original objectives, expectations, predictions and timelines, even 
up to this point.

I am not really convinced that IPv4 can be 
ignored/marginalized/obsoleted without penetration reaching over 90%, 
globally. And until that point, IPv6 is an optimization, not a requirement.

Perhaps it will accelerate at some percentage point. But if it drags out 
for another decade or two, all bets are off.


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