Starlink terminals deployed in Ukraine

bzs at bzs at
Thu Mar 3 06:12:10 UTC 2022

TBH I doubt Putin et al could care less about a handful of starlinks
in Ukraine.

They're each basically one uplink for one or maybe a few devices in a
country of 44M.

If they did care the easiest/cheapest thing to do would be for the
Russians to sweep neighborhoods for starlink transmission frequencies
and just arrest etc any users thus causing others to be afraid to use
them but that's more late-game, when/if they begin to establish
"police" control.

If Ukrainians wanted internet access and to get around blocking it'd
probably be more effective to dig out old serial modems and get PPP
dial-up accounts outside the country where phone service that will
support that still exists.

        -Barry Shein

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