Starlink terminals deployed in Ukraine

Mike mike+lists at
Thu Mar 3 01:32:01 UTC 2022

.. is that a challenge? ;-)

Its a high value target. Even the NSA had it's most critical tools 
leaked.....someone somewhere is going to get a foot in the door at 
starlink, it's just a matter of time (money, or both...).

On 3/2/22 5:27 PM, Eric Kuhnke wrote:
> I'm aware of the qualifications and level of knowledge in network 
> security/cryptography that they hire for positions in Redmond at 
> Starlink R&D. They are quite picky about who they hire.
> Highly doubt that anything that a 3rd party can do from outside of 
> SpaceX's network is going to gain admin control over Starlink 
> satellites. Attempt to jam them at the RF level, maybe.

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