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Dear NANOG'ers:

In September 2021 we had the inaugural IoT CyberSec Latin America and the
Caribbean event. It was a very pleasant learning experience and shared
experiences among all, but this year we are going for more: on *August 25th
and 26th* we will hold our first major annual event, the *"IoT CyberSec LAC
Forum 2022 - New Development Opportunities"*
<> organized by IoT CS LAC in
conjunction with eCOMLAC.

*IoT CyberSec LAC Forum* is a space for exchange, debate, and dissemination
on the Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and new technologies related to
IoT, new business models, and the legal framework to develop them.
Prestigious speakers will share their experiences with the public and
present the latest trends in new technologies and the Industry.
The forum is aimed at all people who have an interest (social, legal,
technical, or regulatory) in the technology of the Internet of Things.

*Note:* The forum will be in Spanish and is totally open and free.

*We are waiting for you! Your participation is important!*

You can access the *Agenda* <>
of the event through the following link

You can access the* Registration site <>*
through the following link <>

To become a member of our open and free community you simply have to
complete the following Form <>

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Nicolas Fiumarelli, on behalf of the IoT CyberSec LAC Steering Committee
Software and Networks Engineer
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