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This would be vanilla IP transit (BGP w\ our ASN and IP space). Our services are delivered to clients over the public internet. I just need decent connectivity to these end users without hopping to Miami to go 2 blocks down the street!

LATAM, and Bogota in general seems like a pretty fragmented market where some providers have good peering with some locals but not all. Edgeuno seems to be a general one size fits all but latency to Claro was somewhat high.

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>> Nanog,
>> I need good connectivity to local eyeball networks there. I've explored Cogent, Lumen, and a local clled Telxius and results are all over the map. Is there a provider that's 'well peered' with all the locals? Hoping this formats correctly but here's the results of ping tests on various looking glasses to prefixes of the various locals.
>> Local Carriers	IP Prefix	Telxius	Lumen	Cogent
>> COLOMBIA TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A. ESP	22.025 ms	164ms	115 ms
>> Telmex Colombia S.A. (Claro)	14.319 ms	63ms	115 ms
>> Empresas Públicas de Medellín E.S.P.	94.264 ms	126 ms	102 ms
>> Movistar Colombia	38.894 ms	193ms	118 ms
>> ETB - Colombia	5.340 ms	130ms	2.21 ms
>> Columbus Networks Colombia	60.212 ms	99ms	89.8 ms
>> Metrotel Colombia	20.989 ms	148ms	90.5 ms
>> Any advice?
>> -Nanoguser99
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> [not exactly fitting the NA of NANOG, but I’m guessing there is an interest in North-and-South connectivity in general, so will continue the conversation]
> You didn’t specify exactly how you’d like to get access to the eyeballs, so I’ll throw our 2 pesos in here: We have deployed a number of recursive resolvers in EdgeUno (AS7195) datacenters in LATAM including Bogotá and have been very pleased with the results reaching local eyeball networks. They have IP transit, co-location, and other offerings so perhaps there is a match there.
> We are also deployed in IX locations in LATAM with other sponsorship/partnerships, but there are always edge cases that for whatever political/economic/telcomindedness reasons are better covered by transit arrangements. For the nations in which we are deployed with them, EdgeUno has solved most of those issues for us.
> Tests are possible via their LG:
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