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> Nanog,
> I need good connectivity to local eyeball networks there. I've 
> explored Cogent, Lumen, and a local clled Telxius and results are all 
> over the map. Is there a provider that's 'well peered' with all the 
> locals? Hoping this formats correctly but here's the results of ping 
> tests on various looking glasses to prefixes of the various locals.
> Local Carriers	IP Prefix	Telxius	Lumen	Cogent
> ms	164ms	115 ms
> Telmex Colombia S.A. (Claro)	14.319 ms	63ms	115 ms
> Empresas Públicas de Medellín E.S.P.	94.264 ms	126 
> ms	102 ms
> Movistar Colombia	38.894 ms	193ms	118 ms
> ETB - Colombia	5.340 ms	130ms	2.21 ms
> Columbus Networks Colombia	60.212 ms	99ms	89.8 ms
> Metrotel Colombia	20.989 ms	148ms	90.5 ms
> Any advice?
> -Nanoguser99
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[not exactly fitting the NA of NANOG, but I’m guessing there is an 
interest in North-and-South connectivity in general, so will continue 
the conversation]

You didn’t specify exactly how you’d like to get access to the 
eyeballs, so I’ll throw our 2 pesos in here: We have deployed a number 
of recursive resolvers in EdgeUno (AS7195) datacenters in LATAM 
including Bogotá and have been very pleased with the results reaching 
local eyeball networks. They have IP transit, co-location, and other 
offerings so perhaps there is a match there.

We are also deployed in IX locations in LATAM with other 
sponsorship/partnerships, but there are always edge cases that for 
whatever political/economic/telcomindedness reasons are better covered 
by transit arrangements. For the nations in which we are deployed with 
them, EdgeUno has solved most of those issues for us.

Tests are possible via their LG:


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