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Do we know if there are common reasons why these power outages are on the
rise across different states and if this is expected to continue ?


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> >> Given that most people barely even know what their home router is, I
> suspect the percentage would be somewhere south of 1 percent. Outside of my
> home, I honestly cannot recall EVER seeing someone’s home using a battery
> backup for their internet infrastructure.
> >>
> >> Same here.  The only people I've seen that have battery backups for
> their home routers are fellow geeks.  I even bought one and shipped it to
> my ~70-year-old mother...and she just doesn't want to install it.  "Too
> complicated".
> >>
> >> I personally do, but of course I (and probably everyone on this list)
> am by no means representative of the population at large in this particular
> area.
> >>
> >> Same.  My home office has 3 Cyberpower 2500 VA double-conversion UPS
> units backed by Champion transfer switches.  Power goes out, and ~45
> seconds later I'm running on generator power.
> >> My local ISP runs out of power well before I do.  Thankfully there's
> Starlink.
> >>
> >> Short of an asteroid hitting my office, it's highly unlikely I'll ever
> be offline. ;)
> > In my case (California, home of SCE and PG&E), we have been notified by
> our electrical grid operators that power can go down at any time, for any
> reason, and any duration. I have just moved, so I am speaking in a
> historical context and future plans, but we have solar electricity as well
> and have a battery in the home that in effect backs up part of the house.
> We don't back up the Internet service, because frankly if power is down in
> the grid I'm not sure my favorite router is all that important, in addition
> to the considerations already mentioned. But power can and does go down -
> even without asteroids.
> We just installed a battery too, but it will probably only last ~1 day
> and much less than that in winter. We're in the process of looking at a
> generator that interfaces directly with the inverter so that it handles
> the grid, the battery, the solar and the generator along with the
> transfer switch. It's gone from being the occasional nuisance in the
> winter to all year long these days. Our power outage over the holidays
> lasted 12 days. This isn't just a rural problem anymore in California,
> it's a pretty much everywhere problem now.
> Mike
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