home router battery backup

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Yes.  In our scenario the ONT is basically an ethernet bridge and provides a SIP end-point for calls.  There are models that have the router built-into them as well, but we've chosen not to use them at this point.
The battery we install is designed to run the voice portion for ~ 8 hours (customers are offered a longer run-time battery for an additional fee).  There's some sensor wires from the ONT to the UPS so that we know when power is out, the battery is low or needs to be replaced, etc.  It also tells the ONT to turn off ethernet services when the power is out to preserve battery for the phone portion.  Though that behavior can be changed in software.
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In $dayjob I work for a telco that deploys fiber to the home.  If we are providing voice services over fiber a battery backup is installed (we maintain) that powers the customer's phone in the event of a power outage.  It does not power their router, etc.  99% of the customers do not install a UPS for their router, etc.  We try to explain that to customers, but we still get calls that they can't get on the Internet when their power is out.
So your voice is part of the modem which isn't a router? I assume it uses IP for voice. 

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