DNS pulling BGP routes?

Masataka Ohta mohta at necom830.hpcl.titech.ac.jp
Wed Oct 20 13:47:49 UTC 2021

Baldur Norddahl wrote:

> Around here there are certain expectations if you sell a product called IP
> Transit and other expectations if you call the product paid peering.

That some word is used for marketing hype with an intentional
self-contradicting definition is not my problem, at all.

> The so-called "tier" of a company is a meaningless term.

I have been using that term properly, which means it is meaningful
if people use it properly. So is "peering".

Sabri Berisha wrote:

 > The term "network neutrality" was invented by people who want to
 > control a network owned and paid for by someone else.

Excellent theory.
						Masataka Ohta

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