DNS pulling BGP routes?

Mark Tinka mark at tinka.africa
Fri Oct 8 05:32:53 UTC 2021

On 10/8/21 07:25, Sabri Berisha wrote:

> Whenever there is an aviation incident, the keyboard warriors at pprune.org
> are always the first to start speculating about root causes, and complain how
> the air crew made mistakes. They, the keyboard warriors, of course know how
> best to fly an aircraft with 20/20 hindsight from their armchairs.
> Why do I see so many posts that are basically throwing Facebook engineers
> under the bus? Let's for a moment contemplate about the sheer magnitude of
> their operation. With almost 3 billion users worldwide, can you imagine the
> amount of DNS queries they have to process? Their scale is unprecedented.
> Sure, it's ok to speculate about potential operational or design issues that
> may have been contributing factors to the outage. But throwing our colleagues
> in front of the lions like this is something I would not recommend.
> I'm sure they are aware of these posts, but are unable to reply due to the
> amount of NDAs signed.

Folk love to complain and critique. It's human nature, and unproductive 
quality that is part of our DNA.

The good news is that lots of human beings have the DNA to ignore noise 
and carry on helping mankind to grow and live better lives.

In any event, if you aren't willing to put your neck on the line and 
fail spectacularly, I don't care what you have to say. Failure is 
finding out what doesn't work, quickly, and inching closer to what does. 
I'm all for that.


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