massive facebook outage presently

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Mon Oct 4 20:46:54 UTC 2021

I’m not the only one who finds this timing suspicious, Starting with the publishers of 60 Minutes themselves :-)


The outage comes the morning after "60 Minutes" aired an interview with a whistleblower who said Facebook is aware of how it amplifies hate, misinformation and unrest but claimed the company hides what it knows.

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On Oct 4, 2021, at 1:36 PM, Blake Dunlap <ikiris at> wrote:

If there isn't an undernetwork capable of being backdoored with the proper keys (I'd be shocked if there isn't - the big players have very good infra and DR people), I suspect there will be one soonish.

It doesnt do much good to have DR plans and keys otherwise if you can't even get to the locks without getting on a plane.

Regardless of how people may feel about the company, I just feel bad for their sres right now and am drinking one in their honor. I just want to know what an October meltdown gets called in the pm.

On Mon, Oct 4, 2021, 15:24 Baldur Norddahl <baldur.norddahl at<mailto:baldur.norddahl at>> wrote:
Not in such a primitive fashion no. But they could definitely have a secondary network that will continue to work even if something goes wrong with the primary.

On Mon, 4 Oct 2021 at 22:16, PJ Capelli <pjcapelli at<mailto:pjcapelli at>> wrote:
Seems unlikely that FB internal controls would allow such a backdoor ...

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On 10/4/21 11:48 AM, Luke Guillory wrote:

I believe the original change was 'automatic' (as in configuration done via a web interface). However, now that connection to the outside world is down, remote access to those tools don't exist anymore, so the emergency procedure is to gain physical access to the peering routers and do all the configuration locally.

Assuming that this is what actually happened, what should fb have done different (beyond the obvious of not screwing up the immediate issue)? This seems like it's a single point of failure. Should all of the BGP speakers have been dual homed or something like that? Or should they not have been mixing ops and production networks? Sorry if this sounds dumb.

Facebook is a huge network. It is doubtful that what is going on is this simple. So I will make no guesses to what Facebook is or should be doing.

However the traditional way for us small timers is to have a backdoor using someone else's network. Nowadays this could be a simple 4/5G router with a VPN, to a terminal server that allows the operator to configure the equipment through the monitor port even when the config is completely destroyed.



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