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> 2: A somewhat similar thing would happen with the Ascend TNT Max, which
> had side-to-side airflow. These were dial termination boxes, and so people
> would install racks and racks of them. The first one would draw in cool air
> on the left, heat it up and ship it out the right. The next one over would
> draw in warm air on the left, heat it up further, and ship it out the
> right... Somewhere there is a fairly famous photo of a rack of TNT Maxes,
> with the final one literally on fire, and still passing packets.

We had several racks of TNTs at the peak of our dial POP phase, and I
believe we ended up designing baffles for the sides of those racks to pull
in cool air from the front of the rack to the left side of the chassis and
exhaust it out the back from the right side.  It wasn't perfect, but it did
the job.

The TNTs with channelized T3 interfaces were a great way to terminate lots
of modems in a reasonable amount of rack space with minimal cabling.

Thank you
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