Famous operational issues

Paul Ebersman list-nanog2 at dragon.net
Tue Feb 16 22:58:32 UTC 2021

jlewis> This reminds me of one of the Sprint CO's we were colo'd in.

Ah, Sprint. Nothing like using your railroad to run phone lines...
Our routers in San Jose colo were black from the soot of the trains.

Fondly remember a major Sprint outage in the early 90s. All our data
circuits in the southeast went down at once and there were major voice
outages in the entire southeast.

Turns out a storm caused a mudslide which in turn derailed a train
carrying toxic waste, resulting in a wave of 6-10' of toxic mud taking
out the Spring voice pop for the whole southeast, because it was
conveniently located right on said railroad tracks.

We were a big enough customer that PLSC in Atlanta gave us the real
story when we asked for an ETA on repair. They couldn't give us one
immediately until the HAZMAT crew let them in. Turned out to be a total
loss of all gear.

They yanked every tech east of the Misssissippi and a 7ESS was Fedex
overnighted (stolen from some customer in the middle east?) and they had
to rebuild everything.

Was down less than 10 days. Good times.

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