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Apologies for the top-post to a bottom-thread; I blame Outlook.

I was going to comment that in a couple of corporate network engineering roles I've had, the lack of the business case has always been to highlight that all the things we want to reach on the Internet can be accessed by IPv4.

So the business case will be the 'killer app' or perhaps 'killer service' that's IPv6-only and that'll provide a business reason.

But chicken and egg.. who wants to run a service that's IPv6-only and miss out on such a big userbase?

What remains is sliding IPv6 in as a minimal-cost service upgrade when you lifecycle your equipment.  And when it's not minimal-cost (due to perhaps, complex firewall/nat arrangements), it's still a hard ask.

I don't have the answer to this yet, but occasionally a tech-savvy executive buys-in on the need to future-proof things.


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On 2/12/2021 8:39 PM, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On 2/12/21 21:56, scott wrote:
>> 100% agreed!  Been whining about that here many times.  I have been 
>> trying to get IPv6 going for a long time, but the above stopped my 
>> plans.  One thing I mentioned recently, though, is we just got a 
>> $BIGCUSTOMER and their requirement was we do IPv6. So keep your IPv6 
>> deployment plans ready.  In my case they said a 'we need it right 
>> now' kind of thing.  That could happen to anyone here.
> How about just doing it and then asking for forgiveness later :-)?
> That's what I did in 2005, but fair point, the network was only 2 
> routers big and in just one city :-).
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I would be looking for a new job and it is a much larger network than 2 routers is a big city.  :)    Sabri Berisha was correct: "The true enemy here is mid-level management that refuses to prioritize deployment of IPv6.   What we should be discussing is how best to approach that problem. It's where ops and corporate politics overlap."   What I always heard when I bring it up and they don't want to talk about it was "What's the business case?" They know there isn't one.


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