netflow in the core used for surveillance

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used to get dissidents, activists, and journos killed

at&t, comcast, ... zayo, please tell us you do not do this.


After the SF room thing a decade ago (or whatever timeframe it was) we 
have to know AT&T is doing it.

On 8/25/21 11:01 PM, jim deleskie wrote:
> :: I think letting any of those people think ToR is safe as being a 
> much bigger risk.

Especially since ToR was developed by the US Navy to support spying 

> :: ...Team Cymru...and believe them to be the good guys,

Agreed and I have thought so for a very long time, but sadly this casts 
a shadow over my interpretation of their work.  Hopefully, someone there 
clarifies and we can go on knowing they're one of the (few) good guys.


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