Myanmar internet - something to think about if you're having a bad day

scott surfer at
Tue Apr 27 05:23:45 UTC 2021

On 4/26/2021 5:30 PM, George Metz wrote:
> First you say "not at all" and then you say "stop complying". If your 
> employees stop complying 
> with the orders coming from the angry men with guns held to said 
> employees' heads, someone's 
> going to get shot - and it's going to be the telecom employees. That's 
> significantly more than a 
> financial hardship and I cannot grasp how you think it could possibly 
> be otherwise.


Last post on this for me...

Dang this went off the rails fast!  The main point was 'when you're 
thinking you're having a bad

day think about what these network operators are going through', but you 
and Mel seemed to

have missed that part.

Additionally, I did not mean the -employees- should say no to the 
gunmen.  That's ridiculous to

think I meant they should die for internet connectivity to remain on!  I 
meant the -companies-

should stop  facilitating the repression by complying "...with numerous 
demands from the military,

including instructions to cut off the internet each night for the past 
week, and block specific

websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram."  This means the 
companies  should stop

selling to the military there.  But that was an aside to the above.

I can pass packets pretty well, but the evidence seems to show I am a 
pretty crappy communicator.


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