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> is it possible that the DoD:
>   1) signed a lRSA (or really just an RSA)

Just re-read this; I don't think the Federal Government is required to sign
the standard ARIN agreement.  I believe they have a different agreement with
ARIN.  I did some searching, but can't find this easily on their website.

Unrelated to DoD, but as the member representative for a different Federal agency with both an LRSA and an RSA, I can definitely say that's not the case. There are no special rules for the US Federal Government.

Correct  (but I will elaborate separately in reply to Bryan’s posted question since the community is entitled to as much transparency as possible.)

Scott -

In summary, you are correct that US Federal agencies have the same RSA as everyone else (aside from certain provisions for government-required indemnification, bankruptcy, governing law, and/or binding arbitration.)

As noted in my reply to Bryan, the US DoD sought and received an additional provision in their RSA providing reassurance that they may transfer unused IPv4 address space with the USG rather than returning to ARIN.


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