DOD prefixes and AS8003 / GRSCORP

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On 3/15/21 4:01 PM, Christopher Morrow wrote:
> is it possible that the DoD:
>   1) signed a lRSA (or really just an RSA)

Just re-read this; I don't think the Federal Government is required to sign
the standard ARIN agreement.  I believe they have a different agreement with
ARIN.  I did some searching, but can't find this easily on their website.

Unrelated to DoD, but as the member representative for a different Federal agency with both an LRSA and an RSA, I can definitely say that's not the case. There are no special rules for the US Federal Government.

Correct  (but I will elaborate separately in reply to Bryan’s posted question since the community is entitled to as much transparency as possible.)

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