geofeeds over is-is (was: how would draft-ymbk-opsawg-finding-geofeeds work in noam)

Randy Bush randy at
Wed Sep 16 21:59:24 UTC 2020

$ubject changed as it is now where to put the pointer

[ we have email suggesting putting the geoloc pointer in dns, routing
  databases, ...  no one has suggested bgp yet, but i assume it is
  coming ]

> I assume that someone (entity) publishes a geo-feed <somewhere>
> I assume that location of this feed (and others) is the goal of this work/draft.


> I don't see how you can easily link (correctly/securely) the publisher
> with the correct data location, without something that clearly ties
> the publisher to be the owner/authorized-user of the ip space included
> in the geofeed.

the draft discusses that, see sec 4 and the sec cons

> use of rpki for geo-feed-URL seems like the simple way to tie
> owner/publisher.

i suspect 'simple' is not the term you want.  perhaps 'authoritative'

folk want to publish usefully now, and in fact are doing so.  this
scheme, admittedly a compromise, allows immediate incremental deployment
with optional authentication using the rpki; the best of both worlds.

also trying to minimize the silo bridging problem in large orgs

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but, if you write a draft to put a geofeed pointer in the rpki, send me
an email, as i no longer read sidrops.

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