sr - spring - what's the deal with 2 names

Saku Ytti saku at
Sun Sep 6 07:50:30 UTC 2020


On Sun, 6 Sep 2020 at 04:26, Aaron Gould via NANOG <nanog at> wrote:

> Does anyone know the scope on why we have 2 names for this ?  Seriously, was it one of those things where a vendor started doing it first (pre-standard) as sr, and then ietf started standardizing it as spring ? …or was it always being standardized pre-vendor implementation and there was a disagreement within ietf or elsewhere ?  or… was there a conscious decision amongst the inventors to actually call it both sr and spring ?  or is their actually something different about each one and I’m wrong in thinking they are 2 names for the same technology.

If you don't like the names, I have others.

SPRING is the IETF working group name - Source Packet Routing in Networking
Segment Routing is under SPRING


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