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Sun Sep 6 01:23:09 UTC 2020

Please forgive if this has already been spoken to. if so, you can simply
send the link to old mail list entries and that will suffice. otherwise.


Does anyone know the scope on why we have 2 names for this ?  Seriously, was
it one of those things where a vendor started doing it first (pre-standard)
as sr, and then ietf started standardizing it as spring ? .or was it always
being standardized pre-vendor implementation and there was a disagreement
within ietf or elsewhere ?  or. was there a conscious decision amongst the
inventors to actually call it both sr and spring ?  or is their actually
something different about each one and I'm wrong in thinking they are 2
names for the same technology.


I'm taking stabs at this and presenting multiple choice just as I sit back
and wonder why the 2 names


I mean there must be a reason why someone thought that we should call this 2
different names.


I would think within this NANOG maillist, someone will have the answer or at
least some pretty good insights into why the 2 names.




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