Centurylink having a bad morning?

Mike Hammett nanog at ics-il.net
Sat Sep 5 15:14:07 UTC 2020

I find it most useful as a warning beacon. If anyone is talking about how they are or want "Tier 1", then I need to back away slowly. 

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On 4/Sep/20 23:41, Tomas Lynch wrote: 

Oh, yes! Let's not start another "what's a tier one" war! 

Oh no, let's :-). 

We get over here in Africa as well. Local operators either calling themselves Tier 1, or being called a Tier 1. Nonsensical. 

Years back, our Marketing team asked me to comment on the use of "Tier" for our literature. You can probably imagine what I said :-). 

For me, it's simple - you are present in X cities or Y cities. Tier is useless because the Internet does not come from a single country or a single operator. And saying a network is "big" or "small" is subjective to everyone's perspective, so that doesn't help either. 

So you're present here, and present there. That's it. 

It's 2020 :-). 


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