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I believe the below described method of causing intentional (1) damage to
equipment in data centers and (2) physical injury to a person at the
workplace is on-topic for the NANOG community, if not, I look forward to
your feedback. As a software developer who has subscribed to the NANOG
mailing list for a number of years, I post this note relying on
intellectual honesty that I have had the opportunity to observe since

The below described technology risk is applicable to
computing/communication equipment rendered vulnerable by Intentional
Electromagnetic Interference (jamming an electronic device) and the risk of
health sabotage affecting people (jamming a human) managing the Internet
infrastructure enabled by intentional application of powerful
radiofrequency fields (RF) emitted by re-purposed components salvaged from
a kitchen heating appliance (Magnetron) or from an outdoor high gain/power
Line of sight transceiver (unidirectional microwave radio) which has a harm
causing range up to 25 meters (estimated using a Spectral Power Density
calculator like

This risk from mis-application of powerful RF is from human operated or IoT
apparatus** with an avenue of approch from (a) subterrain placement aided
by a compact/mini directional horizontal drilling machine (eg. principle of
placing a stent in the heart) and/or (b) strategic placement in an obscure
over-surface location to maximize negative impact on the target of

With building materials or ground offer insufficient* protection to block
the passage of powerful RF and the absence of diagnostic/forensic tests to
detect biomarkers expressed post-overexposure to harmful RF  (combination
of RF frequency, Spectral Power Density/Specific Absorption Rate incident
on a person and duration of exposure), intentional damage to electronic
equipment and people is at present unrestricted.

The purpose of bringing this method of exploting technology to your
attention is with an interest to build the momentum for ushering in the
much needed safeguards in this context.


*  Stone WC. Electromagnetic Signal Attenuation in Construction Materials.
NISTInteragency/Internal Report - 6055. 1 Oct 1997.

** Ling H, Ram S. "Detecting Human Activities Through Barriers: Doppler
Radar Signals Become Animation".
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