alternative to voip gateways

Mark Delany k3f at
Mon May 11 20:31:43 UTC 2020

> We need to keep battery backup requirements, and expand them to all last
> mile IP bits. The need to call 911 has not gone away.

For sure. I was merely observing that the conversion of POTS to VOIP
in Australia didn't create a nation-wide disaster as the
pearl-clutchers once predicted.

In fact, if anything, the same folk who complained about the so-called
largesse of a nationwide IP last-mile are strangely silent now that
WFH is de rigueur.

To your point, the original plan was 90+% passive optical back to
major exchanges so the infrastructure was largely invulnerable to
wide-scale power shutdowns/failures. All a residence has to do is feed
a 7W NTD to stay connected.


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