alternative to voip gateways

Michael Thomas mike at
Mon May 11 20:56:11 UTC 2020

On 5/11/20 1:31 PM, Mark Delany wrote:
>> We need to keep battery backup requirements, and expand them to all last
>> mile IP bits. The need to call 911 has not gone away.
> For sure. I was merely observing that the conversion of POTS to VOIP
> in Australia didn't create a nation-wide disaster as the
> pearl-clutchers once predicted.
> In fact, if anything, the same folk who complained about the so-called
> largesse of a nationwide IP last-mile are strangely silent now that
> WFH is de rigueur.
> To your point, the original plan was 90+% passive optical back to
> major exchanges so the infrastructure was largely invulnerable to
> wide-scale power shutdowns/failures. All a residence has to do is feed
> a 7W NTD to stay connected.

Is this expecting ftth? Obviously things like DSLAM's and CMTS's require 
power. But all of this doesn't perfectly emulate the POTS requirements 
since it is my responsibility to feed power to the CPE my wifi routers, 
etc. What we saw last fall is that going long on gas/propane power 
generator companies is a pretty good bet and works fine in my neck of 
woods (in the boonies and the gold country) , but I don't see how that 
scales when you turn off the power to, oh say, Oakland or San Jose (or 
at least parts of them), which they did and will keep doing for the 
foreseeable future.


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