alternative to voip gateways

Nick Edwards nick.z.edwards at
Mon May 11 01:06:14 UTC 2020

On 5/11/20, Baldur Norddahl <baldur.norddahl at> wrote:
> On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 4:16 PM Mike Hammett <nanog at> wrote:
>> If POTS last mile is available, why complicate it with VoIP?
> Because it is cheaper and easier? It is a lot of equipment there simply
> does not need to be there. If you have DSL you have CPE equipment and that
> CPE equipment can have FXP out for very little extra. You also save having
> filters to separate DSL and voice.

Not really cheaper, modems with VoIP tend to be a bit more pricey so
that 50 odd or CPE now becomes 80-100, doubling our per port cost

and what is an FXP?   I think you mean FXS port.

> In any case, even the ILEC here is dropping analog and delivering phone
> services via VoIP and FXP out on the CPE. I believe because the

wasnt there a hige shit stom in australia for their new national
broadband network making internet ptrimary and phone secondary, a lot
of aussies on forums I frequent bitch about its reliability, where
even their aged copper services worked fine, not to mention prolonged
outages due to storms and the bushfires they had recently,  lets hope
the world learns from australias mistakes and not go down that path.


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